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2nd June 2004

12:14am: OK. there is going to be a gift shop in our cafe. cos i just opened a box of those whitening strips and i noticed that it expired the 14th of dec, 2002. so, our shelves will be full of items that people can purchase for loved ones or just for the hell of it cos purchasing random stuff is like as much fun as taking off your boyfriend's pants while he's trying to do the dishes...

or as much fun as trying to fly a kite with a room full of electric fans all aimed in the same direction! or as much fun as taking pictures of bugs while they're sleeping.. or are they really smushed???

so someday we're gonna be famous!! people from all around the world will come to purchase random crap from our random shelves... that wont even be shelves cos we'll be so poor, we'll just strategically stack bricks and center-blocks with 2x4s and paint them random cute colors like pink and yellow and puke green to match the expression of the customers face after they order our specialty: best before soupe de poisson.

fabulous! i cant wait! and our kids will walk in and we'll say, "Eleven, Seven and Three!! Where have you crazy odd-numbered punks been?!!!!"

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1st June 2004

2:14pm: its a long one! (entry, that is....)
Hey! Ok, so, I just watched the trailer for Dodge Ball with Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn. Man Vince Vaughn is quite a handsome fella. It's very cool that hamster is up in KC right now looking for apts and getting ready for her new job at H'mark. I'm very proud of her. What an answer to prayer for her. That's so awesome that she'll be there! I feel like I've been out of touch for a while. Even though I've been writing. I keep meaning to write, not just blah, but really write. We'll see if I ever do get past all the blabbling. I'm a "later-gator." I'm always saying "later when i'm not tired", "later when i've got more time", "later after i swim", "later later"...

So been busy with fun busy stuff. A bit of a busy week ahead: Alice came over today. A nice surprise that was. We leave to Texas this friday morning at 10:20. I think we arrive in Houston at 1:50pm. Friday afternoon, some friends of my family are going to stay here for a few days. So I'm getting towels and sheets cleaned. there will be four ppl staying. So.. trying to get this place straight for their stay. My studio is a mess, and they'll be sleeping in these beds. I've been sleeping downstairs cos there's too muc on the bed uphere. :)

so the meeting with alice was awesome. turns out that she and i were in the same class at alliance francaise back in october. we sat next to each other and even exchanged email address, but i never wrote her and she never wrote me. it was just kind of a surprise to answer to the door and see her there! i said, "i know you!" and we caught up for an hour before reviewing the covers and chapter headings. it was really cool cos we're on the same page with how artistic and fun we want the book to be. we discussed the budget of the book and although it is quite low we discussed making it just really fun and whimsical w/o adding expensive accessories (like the front flap i wanted).. so that was really really awesome. when i get back in july, we'll go to the printing press to do the color check and then july 15th the book will go to production! cool huh? its still not certain that my covers will be chosen for the cover art. the art work submitted is judged by the board, and the board ultimately chooses the front and back cover. she said they're pretty traditional and that if she had it her way, my stuff would be on the front and back and throughout! so we'll just see. like i said, it was really nice to meet her again and just the fact that we'd both gone to alliance together and had met each other already added this ummph and relaxed bit of mood to the whole get-together.. :)

she and i covered a few areas where i'm going to make some changes. i might add a few illustrations throughout the book. she leant me this book that is GREAT! its the same kind of book, but from the american woman's group in luxembourg. its a bound book, verses being spiral and the cover art work is really creative and collage-ish. when i saw it i was just like, "this is awesome!! i love the idea!!! she loves it too, but she said it was hard to convince the board to go with something along teh lines of the luxembourg book. she said they want a real traditional artwork of paris and they want traditional lettering, etc.. blah.. boring.

she's going to stop back by thurs night around 7 and pick up the final color copies and a cd will the all files for the pressman. i really like talking to her cos she has a lot of exp. with this line of work. this is the first book that she has worked on, but she has lots of exp. with mags and newspapers. we talked about my cards and i feel more and more confident with going on my own with these cards! as in, not working for a company and trying to sell them and start my own lil business. ive recieved so much support from mom dad bill and johnny and good family friends, etc, they've encouraged me over and over, time and time again; that this is something i excell in, i constantly go up and down with the confidence in that action plan. i think my stuff is good, and cute and random and humorous.. but sometimes i lose my confidence. mb i'll lose it again in a few weeks, but for now i'm really pumped and excited about the thought of selling these cards and making lots of fun new ones!

i have a funny story again from last night. i think he and i are so cute sometimes. i think we really encourage the silliness in eachother big time. so we made some soup for dinner. it was fish soupe. "soupe du poisson", something like that. it was the french kind that comes in the cardboard carton thing. so we poured it in the pan and started the heat. i thought it smelled bad. but then again, it smelled like fish.. and as much as i love fish, it still smells gross (like fish.. :) we read the carton and it said "Best Before Dec 2003". I was like "No wonder is smells yucky! its bad!" xavie said, "no no no, its not bad. its just not best." i said, "oh ok."

so, its heated up and we're pouring it in our bowls, getting seated to start dinner. it was not great. this is the cute part: i said, "we should start our own restaurant. we can call it the Best Before Cafe. all the food we serve will have been best before a certain date!" He thought it was super idea. We joked and made up dialogues from the customers.

"Ma'am, this bread is hard as a rock!"

K: "Oh yah. That's cos it was best before last year. Hang on and i'll get you a baguette that was best before yesterday."

Hehehe.. :) He said we could have another cafe called The Dont Eat After Cafe. I thought that was cute too. We made up dialogues for that one too... hehe.. i usually think of really cute card ideas when we are hanging out.

I realize this next part is one of those "you really shouldnt be talking about that stuff right now" topics. But.. we also talked about kid names over dinner. He likes the names Jules, Julien and Nicholas for boys.. (I like the name Guy, alot.) He wants to name his son Jules after his grandfather. I like that name too. In english its pronounced jules, but in french is just like "jul", i think, or "jool".. j'sais pas. For girls he liked my suggestions of Annick and Madeleine. I told him about another name that i like, Ellevyn. It's pronounced "Ella-vin", its not "eleven" people, its ella-vin. I like that name for a girl. (and also cos i could call her Elle for short!) His cousin called and they got to talking about kids and stuff (cos she and her husband have been trying to have a baby, and cos AnnSophie's pregant.) She asked him how many he wanted and he said, "oh j'sais pas... trois, quatre.." she said, "does kristin want that many". he said, "I dont know,i'll ask." he asked me and i mouthed "no way". after he finished talking to her, we were discussing the four kids thing. i said four would be a lot. i dont even know if i can handle one! i said, if we should have three girls would you try again for a boy or just adopt a boy? he said he'd go with just adopting a boy. i once told him about a.karen and u.rich's situation.. having a 4th girl. so.. yeah.. if we do follow that scenario, we'll be adopting. :)

well, mb i better stop. i gotta run to the store for some food!! i'm trying not to eat bread this week and there's tons of french bread and brioche in the kitchen. i always put on weight when i have even just a little bit of bread. i wish it didnt affect me so. cos its so good. so, i'm still trying to lose just one more kilo (i'm at 61, and id like to be at 60 or 59. that's 129lbs, i think.) just under 130 would be nice. yup yup. okie dokes. .....toodles.
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28th May 2004

12:43pm: i kinda wish i could still make you laugh and grin.
9:39am: nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah
we went out w/ baptiste et marie hier soir. on est alles au restaurant au metro: convention. s'appelle "moka". c'etait bon.. j'ai eu une salade avec cooked ham et les lardons aussi.. ainsi... j'ai compris la conversation.. mais when i'm concentrating on what they're saying.. i usually cant comment. so i'm just sitting there listening, while other ppl comment. i understand almost everything. they got into a little arguement, and i got lost a few times. they were bickering and i was like, whoa there tiger "doucement, stp".. mais, c'etait cool..

oy- hamster-if you read this. what's your email account that you're using right now.. cos ive emailed ya twice and i think that mb you're not getting the emails. ive been sending them to your rsad account thinking mb you still had access to it or it was forwarded to another account. but.. im thinking i'm wrong. congrats again on your job girlie!!!! that's awesome. i told xavie, he said to tell you "felicitations!"

Tomorrow, we're going to the french open tennis tournament "roland garros". xav's friend isabelle got us two tickets. i met her in angers one weekend, she's pretty nice. she's incharge of a lot of tennis tournaments in angers. when we met up with her, we went to support the a tournament for disabled peeps. it looked so difficult! i can barely get myself around a corner in a wheelchair, let alone, play tennis. it was impressive. so, that's what we're going to do for part of tomorrow. i dont know what our game is for tonight. we talked about trying out a new restaurant in the city. something light and inexpensive...

im gonna get back to work. i gotta update my cv soonish. yup yup yup.
oh and i have sucky-butt news. i asked this girl to hold onto my old mac for be before i left for paris. she said ok. well.. i finally got a hold of her about 2 wks ago, and she let this guy she was dating borrow it to use it for email. when i went there in march i found out that he has had the puter almost since the day i left. so she said he wants to buy it. the puter crashed last summer and i borrowed tristan's. so i guess the puter wasnt in great shape and he was only going to give me 200 for it. i said fine. well.. they broke up sometime toward the end of march. and when i talked to her 2 wks ago, she never did get the computer back from him! wth? he's had it almost all freakin year, now he doesnt want to buy it, fine. i said fine. i'll take it to austin. mb i'll use it still. mb i can find someone who'll buy it still. but i cant take it to austin w/ me bc she freakin never got it back! and on top of that, he's not even in s'sota! she's not sure if he left the computer in his apt or if he took it w/ him to orlando. wth! so that's poo poo news. i still havent talked to her. our friendship is on edge. ive written her a few emails, but i noticed that if i dont write her, she'll never write me or initiate an email first. i wrote her last around the beginning of may. nothing.. and then when we do converse.. its all about how i shouldve stayed. its just not the same. i dont know.. distance does that so easily.. i wanna go home soon.
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26th May 2004

2:18pm: nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah
"but its late in the day and you're well on your way, what was golden is grey and suddenly shy..and i have read the right books to interpret your looks, you were knocking me down with the palm of your eye.. so nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah this is unlike the story, it was written to be, i was riding its back when it used to ride me.. and we were galloping mannick to the mouth of the sword, we were swollowing at the face of its force and i was blue.. i was blue and unwell... made me bold like a horse and nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah... now its done. watch it go. and you changed some. Do i run rare? and you changed some. peach plum pear, peach plum...

20th May 2004

10:10am: be back tuesday
"God created us with certain abilities to be used for His glory and for our fulfillment. God desires that we find joy and satisfaction in our work. He has a wonderful plan for us. He does not often reveal the plan of a lifetime all at once, but one step at a time."

Moving one step at a time teaches us to rely on God rather than on self.

Solomon's excellent advice,
"Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed."
(Proverbs 16:3)

Everyone's so different. There are so many people everywhere and everyone is so so different from one to the next. It made me want to know them, watch them. WOnder what they're thinking about. Wonder what attracts them, wonder what means the world to them, wonder what they believe verses what i believe. wonder if they're driven by fear or driven by force or driven by love. wonder what they think of themselves and if they act like how i act when no ones around. wonder what they are listening to. wonder if they're distracted by what they heard, saw, said, did yesterday. or last week, or two years ago while on a train to berlin for the first time to visit a friend they havent seen for nearly a decade. or... are they just trying to get some home, trying to get some where, to rest. there's just so many , so many different people.

the bookcovers: i havent finished the cover yet. it all sucks. im thinking that i'm gonna redo the whole thing and stop trying to make this crap better cos it just keeps getting lamer and lamer. i dont think the ill.s suck as much as the placement, the overall composition and design and layout and ack.. im gonna go camping and try to come up w/ some different ideas. the actual book layout is looking ok so far. i had some cool ideas making that. but the cover and back cover are giving me stress cos i'm thinking "i can do so much better than this. what i am doing. why cant i put this crap together like i know how. i know waht i want, and i'm just doing crap." i wouldnt put them in my portfolio.. i'm trying to get hired... not rejected. i think 've gotten worse since i graduated. that sucks. i gotta get better, not worse! i'm gonna pray to get better. ...i dont want to be one of those stupid artists that thinks they're good and thinks they've got something going and they dont know how much their work just sucks ...and all the good artists are like.. yeah.. you seriously suck chick.

i gotta finish packing! we're going to Giverny, cool. its ascension day today... and what do the french do? not work. they're having another freakin' holiday! whoa... craziness.... so we're off! I told xav this wouldnt happen in the states,.. bosses would say, "what do ya mean you want a day off? i give you 2 wks a year. get back to work."

19th May 2004

8:40pm: "You are viewing the most recent 0 entries."

but i just checked out debbie's friends page and my post was there..

odd buggar.

18th May 2004

5:39pm: i miss you. won't you write?
"i wonder what your doing
i wonder where you are
there's oceans in between us
but that's not very far."
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2:04am: ha. that's what happens when you dilly dally. you lose everything. i just lost everything i wrote. i was looking forward to posting it too. . next time i wont proof it. that really sucked.

that's what paper's for paperdoll!
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17th May 2004

12:04am: golden showers
"hi, my name is kristin and i like to pee in the shower."
"HI Kristin. You like to what?!!"

Maybe its the warm water that spawns the urge to tinkle. maybe the sensation of standing and letting it all go at once. we ladies dont get to pee standing very often. at least, not when sober. when i was little id try to aim for the drain. i got pretty good too. i can still sometimes get it. now in this new apt, the drain is over in the corner, by the glass. so... buggar. i haven't challenged it yet. i feel weird about my cheeks touching the glass. it has a little chill and that's a shocker when you're concentrating. i also like to draw on the glass when it gets all foggy. i like to put all my hair on the glass and look for cool images in the lines of the hair. being one of those people that loses a lot of hair in the shower, there are a lotta hairy monsters on the glass.

as much fun as all this may sound. i dont even like to take showers. sometimes i wish our bodies would just wash themselves.. automatically. click a button and voila, smell pretty and new. i shower after jogging. but the disinterest in the whole shower part sometimes determine whether or not i take the jog. i try to shower everyother day. the hair gets washed like every other two days. prob explains the loss....

speaking of hair loss, we stopped by this wig shop yesterday. im not losing hair to the degree that i need to buy a wig. not at all. just been wanting a black short hair wig with short bangs. the wigs are mega cher, like the one i tried on was 375 euro. crazy. the one i tried isnt even real hair. i dont know if that makes a different actually. its unlikely i'll ever dye my hair this dark. the one i tried went a little past the shoulders. she didnt have something about 3 inches under the earlobe. where my hair is close to now. i looked on ebay a few weeks ago, but they were all more than i can afford and the lengths are too long. i guess i'll look in austin when we get there.

aujourd'hui, we rented some rollerblades (and gear) and took off around the city. it was so warm. i cant believe it's only going to get warmer too. it was 70 today and by the end of this week it could get to 75. we're gonna be toast in austin 'n sarasota. on sundays certain roads around the city are closed for bikers, bladers, joggers, walkers, etc. basically no cars. it was awesome.. we went all over the place. a few tourists helped me cross the streets, which was super nice. parts of the roads are cobble stone, which is hell on blades, koombiyah...

boston. someday i really really really wanna go to boston. boston boston boston boston.
so the puter feels really warm. im gonna turn 'er off.

bisous a tous! a plus...
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14th May 2004

6:00pm: finallly,
-nap time!
3:53pm: what just happened?
i restarted the covers at around 11:30 last night, and finished them around 3 this afternoon.. i havent pulled a true all nighter since maybe the first week I moved here (in which i was alone most of the time, and getting sleep wasnt much of a priority, still isnt too.) so i'm a little tuckered.

so, the editor and i were emailing. i sent here the covers and i wrote all this stuff in the emails like "this isnt my best work and please tell me if it sucks and i can change it, or i can really do much better than this.. etc etc." i even wrote "i know i'm not supposed to put down my own work, but this stuff might need it."

so what just happened? she called me on my cell. (the house phone is out of service and hasnt worked since monday! haha). so she calls me on my cell, and im just waiting for her to say "well, we wanted something a bit more traditional".. or "its too busy, or we were going for something simplier, like just one image..." instead she's like "WOW, i love these covers! these covers are great and i want to use both of them." THEN, this is the part i'm still like "wait, what did you just say?" we discussed the covers, she asked me my opinion on several things about the book. she asked me what i thought of the logo and turns out we both agree it sucks. so she asks me to come up with a different one. i said no problem. they're trying to change the book from spiral to bound, so she asked me to work on the binding part of teh book. she asked me how i feel about her asking me so many questions. i said its cool, that i like discussing this kind of stuff. here we go: she asked me if i would be interested in being the art director and to oversee this project. the arrrt dirrrector. (ahem, that's a paying job.) the conversation lasted about 15 minutes. she said again how releaved she was to see my work because everything she's seen submitted so far has been really plain and kinda of boring. wow.. (i cant believe that this worked out.. this morning I was praying for God just to help me finish it so I could just turn the darn thing in.) she's from australia.. i really liked just listening to her talk and tried not to pick up her accent by accident! cos i do that sometimes. so, i told her id work this weekend on some different ideas for the book and new logo. and i'd call her monday to let her know if i'm game for taking on the responsibilities for this book and production. i asked her for deadline dates. the book goes to print in july and she meets with the board in early june. the board judges the covers and decides which go on the front n back. so nothing is garanteed really.

but still cool.

so that's what just happened. the cover work is still all promotional. i dont get paid or anything. but this book is bought by or given to all the families living in or coming to live in france (particularly paris), this coming fall. so.. we'll see what happens, and what God's got up his sleeve next.

gonna go clean up a bit.
3:44am: needing a peptalk
i'm stuck. i dont know how to pull all these little doodles and whatnots together to make a quality piece of art work. its 3:40 here.. i have about 10 hours til it is officially due.. which still gives me a good bit of time. but i'm stumped sorta. i need an AMP actually.
ive got all these pretty good doodles that illustrate "paris".. now i gotta put em together. but how? how have i forgotten this part?.

any suggestions?
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13th May 2004

1:49pm: driving in france... an entry from a favored author of mine.
"The conclusion of the reflection is: the French are TERRIBLE drivers. Statistically, the Greeks and Portuguese are worse (and Italians are pretty bad as well now that I think about it). The French however have ALL spent a compulsory amount of time in driving school and I can't for the life of me figure out what they learned there (mow 'em down? always be first to the red light and when you get there run through it?).

I'm on tenterhooks as I drive on the périphérique (ring road) around the city. Cars weave in and out of lanes, flash lights at anyone going too slowly (ie, the speed limit), and perform all kinds of totally unexpected tricks that leave you, the poor law-abiding slob, cursing or shuddering.

Warning to tourists: you'll be taking your life in your hands should you decide to rent a car. But forewarned is forearmed so read this before you make any rash decisions.

l) Do EXACTLY what you want and never worry about the other guy.
2) Make up the rules as you go along.
3) If you see a parking space you want on the opposite of the street you're driving on, just cross over to get it. Don't bother to go around the block and come back the other way.
4) Drive fast ­ it's so much more fun !
5) Only buy stick shift cars. Automatics are for nerds.
6) Never pay parking tickets, especially in presidential election years when there's an amnesty.
7) If you have double-parked your car and gone shopping for a couple of hours, be sure to bawl out the people you've blocked in. NEVER say you're sorry.
8) If you're at a red light behind someone who doesn't whip off the second it's green, HONK, GET IRATE, INSULT THE CREEP !
9) If you're on the Paris ring road behind someone who's driving the speed limit, tailgate the guy, flashing your lights until he gets out of the way. What NERVE !
10) If, after doing all these things, you have an accident, don't feel bad. You're not to blame ­ it's always the OTHER guy's fault."
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12th May 2004

6:50pm: ooh ooh
oh i want this dress....(the silk, dusty sage green, antique looking one)
it was $128 last i tried it on. now its $89. still a lil high.. but so perty.
9:59am: causer, parler = to chat, to talk
so, yeah i shouldve looked at the directions last night. about half way through i realized that i really dont know how to make an omelette and we had scrambled eggs with steamed veggies.. shucks. he liked it all anyway. good thing that fella eats a lot to begin with..
almost every morning we meet at the petite marquise half way around the circle. its on the corner of rue boissiere and place victor hugo. i think its number three. its the place where i take friends and company a petit déj (brkfast) et un café noir(blkcoff). or just a snack. xav and i usually sit at the booth facing the windows so we can watch everyone passing by in the mornings. ive been a café noir avec un croissant aux abricots regular lately. and ive been more regular lately too. as in right now... love dem apricots.
on my walk home, i stopped at the postoffice finally. good timing as well, a lined formed immediately after i got there.. phew. i found out that it will cost 20E to change my mailing address. she said if dont receive that much mail anyway, it really doesnt matter if i dont. but....to be in the safe side, since i dont pay all of these bills out of pocket, itd be smarter to just change the address. i bought some stamped envelopes and and and this really pretty stamp too! its a bit large for a postcard and same for an envelope. she suggested the prestamped envlps instead.. n i bought one of the large perty uns.
righto, but that's that. a friend of mine asked if id consider moving in with her when i move back. she lives in sarasota and needs a roommate come end of july through dec. its tempting cos i really like her and we clicked last time i stayed with her. i've been leaning toward moving to austin, stayng with johnny, and saving money until i can afford to drive over to kc. but there's more. xav came over last night after work and had some news. his company has a job in denver, co and is looking for someone to move there for a year. they're looking to send someone asap. we agreed that we really really need to pray about that. it made me wonder if i would move to denver. ......
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11th May 2004

5:55pm: hey, today's rossi's birthday...
right on, so im really getting into this cooking thing. i have yet to follow the directions. but who needs em, its been a good time. and i always end up impressing myself with a new creation. xav doesnt mind being the taste tester. he does usually have some advice for those "next times". like next time follow the directions on how to boil eggs and dont make up your own. but they eggs ended up being ok after all. even though most of them were shell-less at the end. my mom said you're not supposed to eat boiled eggs a week later. its been 10 days almost. do you think that maybe they are still ok? she also said you can't eat cow meat raw and we've already done that a few times. with fries too. (its a french meal called tartar.) tonight i decided we'd go back to just a basic salade. greens, tomatoes, mb sliced apricots, carrots?, mb some raisins too. pine nuts. i bought a new can of instant coffee t'day too. i just tried it before coming up here and it tastes like something burned. like someone put burned toast in liquid form. i dont recognize the words on the front. the instant stuff wasnt grainy iether, it was like a powder when i put it in the cup. even adding loads of sugar and milk and creamer. it still has the burnt taste. odd. i got an invitation from my pop in london. he is there working all week and is getting lonely. i think he's also tired of cereal and reheated meals. my mom is in colorado. she is signing the deal for their retirement home. i think the city was called breckenridge. so my dad is alone. he offered to pay my way there on the train to come tomorrow and take care of him and hang out. id like to. but i need to do things here... tough choice. my pop and i are alot a like. so i know we would have a great time vegging in the parks and chatting in cafes. he's one of my favorite men in my life. my pop. i need to go the postoffice so bad! there are so many cards and postcards that need to be sent already. buggar. this man i met at the wedding was from holland. he was saying that i must miss so many things in america and be fed up with france at times. he illustrated his point again with a story about him missing holland. then going to holland and missing france. i said that there aren't many things (emphasis on things) that i miss in america. i said, if there's something that's lacking here in france, it would be my friends and my brothers. my two brothers and my really good friends live in america. and i often miss them the most. he said he was surprised. a car he said. i wouldnt drive here anyway, i said. its too crazy. next he said television. cause there is so much to watch. cos what would my day be like without a reality tv show, i said. i dont remember if he said anything after that. i look forward to going home again. xav once asked if i am ging to take home something french with me. like the mini coffee cups. i pointed to my stomach which extends out further than my breasts, which i know doesnt say much. but still. ive spoiled that thing rotten since living here. hey so i started to play the name game recently. oh kristin, dont do that. its too late. ive thought and rethought names. i've met a few juliens since being here and am starting to really like that name. right, so boy: julien, so i can call him jules if i want..i also favor isaac, and matthieu too. right and, for the girl; madeleine or annick (ah-neek). anyhoodles, every friday nite the roads are blocked off from cars and masses of people roller blade from montparnasse to wherever.. im going to propose xav and i go this friday nite. here's a site where i think you can see a pic.
that's kind of what it looks like, only here it begins in the evenings. cool ..
back to the other desk.. im out. love-kristin
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10th May 2004

6:10pm: reste dans son lit..
il faut que quelqu'un m'aide
je n'ai qu'une seule vie
a trouver le remède
je n'ai qu'une seule vie
chaque jour cette pensée m'obsède
je n'ai qu'une seule vie.
3:30pm: because you're just so so so cute in that tight blue shirt
so someone sent me this sheet of different kinds of poops. and it's hilarious! ahhh... i love ya goose. i had to explain a few to xav. he didnt get 'em. like the "lincoln log".. if you didnt have lincoln logs growin' up.. you might not get it all. i love the "I think i'm turning into a little bunny" poopie. (When you drop lots of little round turds that look like marbles and make tiny splashing sounds when they hit the water.)
or the "second wave" poopie. (this poopie usually happens when you've finished, your pants are up to your knees and you suddenly realize you have to poop some more.)
ahhh, those are great. thank u goose. and thanks again for the pics. you're black n whites are awesome!!!! can you teach me to make the contrast strong like that? i guess more pract and reading would help.
things here are going perty swell t'day. watercoloring on the floor. there's this book cover contest and the stuff is due tthis friday. im doing sort of a collage.. but who knows.. it could change if its not working. susy pilgrim waters, is the kind of look i'm trying out. here is where you can find some of her stuff. http://www.lillarogers.com/artists/susy/archive.htm
i hope she will write me back sometime. the rest of the site is great.
the very fun, very carefree company left this morning. nancy was very cool, and super nice. this time last year she lost her husband and her daughter. her husband passed away from cancer and her daughter had to be taken to a special school to help her deal with it better. so she lives alone in chicago and decided she wanted to see paris and came over. i dont remember her from growing up. so i didnt know what she and her friend, sunny, where like. i imagined them to be like the friends of my parents that usually come. nancy and sunny they were awesome though. i didnt want to leave for the weekend, i wanted to stay and hang out with nancy. we are a lot alike and clicked within the few minutes after she arrived. i met her wed night at about 11:30 and we finally stopped talking and went to bed around 2:30am. she laughed a lot at the things i said and kept saying, Oh girl, do you own thing. that made me feel great. i told about my low score on the SAT (cos i really did bomb that test). she laughed when i told her about coloring in boxes and drawing on it too. and how the senior advisor came up to me a year later, when i was visiting ASH and said in front of a few other alums that i had brought down the class average by not being serious on the exam. i said, 'but i knew i was going to ringling, so i really didnt want to beat myself up over an exam that the school cared less about.'. that cracked her up. im glad my parents werent around, cos they didnt laugh much at all. .... mb she shouldnt've encouraged me... dunno.
well, that's the dillio on this home front. the weather's a lil blah. i want to go jogging in bois de boulogne (park), but .. sometimes it makes me uncomfortable. its a shady park.. about two weeks ago, it was nice out, so i went for about an hour. on my way back through the paths, i saw these two ppl hugging. like they were sitting indian style, facing eachother. hugging. i got closer. they were having sex. she was sitting on his lap... faaabulous. i noticed that she was really hanging on to that hug and thought, op, hold up. they're doing the nasty... and picked up the pace a tad. or thurs morning, nancy came with me and we saw a prostitute chillin' in shotgun of this van. she had the whole gear goin' on.. this black choker thing around her neck with straps going to the breast arena, and man did this chick have big breasts! nancy and i were thinking we shudda brought the digital. weird thought? i dunno.. more of like a, 'you'll never believe what i saw at 8 this morning' pic. she was wearin' fishnet stockings and this kick!ss boots that went to her knees.. man, if was shorter.. id get a pair. so.. its that kind of park. you see families having picknicks and then you see other stuff too. there's a lake and some canoes, and then there's a machine with condoms near a machine with cigarettes...

im out.
i miss my friends in america!!

who sings "took the taxi to the station, not a word was said. i saw you walk across teh room, mb the last time i dunno. ........cos i cant stop loving you, no i wont stop loving you, why should i?"
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6th May 2004

3:51pm: leavin'!!!
be back sunday.
congratulations everyone graduating tomorrow night!
have a great time and great weekend! again,

with love,

5th May 2004

5:31pm: funny story:

last night we were watchin' some weird movie on tv. it had the english option (which is rare), so we changed it from french to english,with french subtitles. i also made dinner last night. i melted this good cheese in a pan and added creme fraiche and milk.. then i cooked some pasta (a certain kind of pasta i had one night in florence, not as good here though), and cut up some smoked ham.. i steamed veggies too, etc..

well! the sauce made me so gassy! while we were cleanin' up, i was doin' dishes and i just kept having to squeeze the fart back into my butt cos i knew it was gonna be bad. he knows i fart, but he has never had a wiff of a SBD. like he thinks my farts dont smell that bad, or at all.. and i warned him a while back at his parents house that they could get bad, like septic service tank bad, he didnt know what i meant by septic service tank, so i said "dated cheese", and he gave me the "oh...no kristine" look. i farted a few times at my mom's place 'n london. i'd let one in the kitchen and then walk out. i didnt realize i was doing it. i mean, its more of habit. let one go, flee the scene. he was so embarrassed cos i guess he got a look from my mom that made it look like she suspected him. he came into me and said "i know what you're doing and its not nice kristine. your mom thinks i farted in the kitchen." i said, "oh.. im sorry baby. i'm sure she knows it was me though, dont worry.. she might even think its my dad, but dont worry."

so last night, we're hanging out on the couch in the living room and he's got his head in my lap and we're just watching this movie, and one passes. but i didnt really realize that it passed cos i was so into the film..oh man. he started to raise his head up and try to sit up, he was saying "kristine, did you fart?!!" (all of this is so much more funny with his french accent! so mb when you hear 'em speak, you can imagine him calling me kristine, for one, and then "did you fart?!".) sheepishly, i said, "yeah.. i did." He started to try to sit up and i just kept holding onto his shoulders pulling him back to my lap saying, "wait a minute, wait a minute, its ok, it'll go away, baby, dont worry baby, its gone. i wont do it anymore." it really made me laugh so hard-the look on his face when i confessed. it wasnt really like a confession either, i was like saying, "yeah, that's my car parked out front." like "yup. that's mine." ahhh, he was laughing which was a good sign.. but haha,, it was pretty good. i farted a few other times.. and he freaked over and over but it was a good warm up. i told him someday its gonna be worse cos im gonna be on the pot too, and i'm gonna need him to get me a roll of TP from the hall closet, or i'm gonna need a tummy rub. and i told him i'd be there for him if he was in stomach pain and had uncontrolable gas. we started to wrestle and instead of saying something like "uncle!uncle!", he was saying "please dont fart on me!"..
12:50am: -the first minute and eighteen seconds of "right now" by van halen... i used to listen to that when i was younger and id pretend to play the piano. it made me wish i could play. still does.. awww.. listen to it, so great.

"what are you waiting for?"

4th May 2004

2:47pm: <---my cAR! Hi little car! Hi hi!!
AHHHHH HAHAHAHA!!! isnt she cute!!???? that's my little car. Not really mine. But its' this lil car on the corner that's been for sale for a while. Oh, i wanna put up a sign next to the "A VENDRE" (for sale) sign that says "SHE'S MINE!!! DONT BUY 'ER!" but... i think she's just purrrfect.. that's me in the background. wondering how i could keep her. I went out of my way today to get to the metro just to pass her. it was fabulous. i just petted her for a few minutes. i'm glad she doesnt have an alarm.

vick said id be screwed ninny way cos its prob a stick shift. id learn just for driving that lil car around. and id park and ppl'd think "ooh...look at that great cute lil car", id get out 'n next theyd think "hmm.. that girl's a freakin' giant, how the heck does she fit in there?" ....

pretty bird.. pretty bird..

-ive got the blink 182 song in my head today. nuts.. i keep singing "WHERE DO GO FROM HERE?! TURN ALL THE LIGHTS DOWN NOW, SMILE FROM EAR TO EAR, MY BREATHIN' JUST GOT TO LOUD".. the rest is just thudding..

-ooh but yesterday rocked. yesterday i had the white stripes in my noodle. i daydreamed that i just started to sing the lyrics real loud on the metro and other people chimed in because it was in their heads too! it was awesome, "And if I catch it comin' back my way, I'm gonna serve it to you. And that ain't what you want to hear but that's what I'll do... dun dun dun dun duh dun dun.. I'm going to Wichita, Far from this opera forevermore.. ....."

ah, its good.
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11:31am: -in a few minutes, i'm running out to meet xav for lunch. we're going to shirt shopping for his suit. i finished my mother's day card and its really cute.. so i'm gonna add it to the portfolio. i wish we didnt have company coming. i dont want to give up my room for four days. its good i'll be out of town anyway. but still..its those last minutes before leaving that you want access to your space.

-the trip to florence was really cool. the weather was great too. my aunt and uncle were there on a wine tour with their tennis partners.. so we ate meals with them a few times. my aunt is a very strong willed person. so if you're going to meet her for dinner, you're going to meet her for dinner. nothing had been planned the first night, so my mom and i went ahead and had pasta and ice cream. about 30 minutes later we just happen to run into my aunt and she's inviting us to have dinner with them. we started to say that we'd already eaten and when her face stopped, my mom looked at me and said, "so, wanna run tomorrow?" ahhh.. she made us feel so guilty for eating dinner without them. we were trying to clear it up, saying we didnt have their number yet, we were hungry, we'd just arrived in florence, we just wanted to eat something. oh well.... we ran the next morning for about an hour.. it felt like there was a brick in my butt.

-we visited a lot of great museums and some great markets! ibought this black leather over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder, ha, just kidding, no. i bought this over the shoulder purse. my momma taught me the game of bargaining. i feel like such a liar when im bargaining.. in my head im thinking, "wow!! this is so much cheapter than the shops!" and then saying "hmm... can you do better?" geez. we found a huge market the last day and that's where i got some pasta, some olive oil, family made bicottis, vintage costers and trays, no clothes or shoes.. but.. good stuff still. mom bought new shoes-wow!! bright pink, that's my mom. we left friday afternoon from florence, caught our flight in Pisa. met some really nice people from KC while getting off the train in Pisa. that was cool. they gave me their information and encouraged me to call them the next time im in kc. tru tru..
got back to paris friday night, round 10. Unpacked, laundry'd and repacked for the weekend in Bordeaux. Caught the train saturday morning with xav and spent sat and sunday with his friends and their new lil baby in Bordeaux. We visited St. Emilion, and saw all the lil wineries.. no tastings though. Sunday we walked around the city for the afternoon. It was all really nice, but i was mega tired and just wanting to get home to my own bed, etc. I couldnt understand everything they were saying most of the time,so that was a lil frustrating. its tough going from all english to all french to all english. hanging out for 4 days with my mom, then to go to bordeaux and be forced to understand and speak french.. oy. i gave them a lotta blank stares that weekend.

its a busy month, may. this weekend's the wedding. meanwhile, the bookcover is due the 14th and i havent had time to really work on it-work on it. still thumbnailing.

i better getgoing though.
bisous et gros calins..

10:19am: I want to take you far away from the cynics in this town
and kiss you on the mouth.
We'll cut our bodies free from the tethers of
this scene, start a brand new colony.
Where everything will change, we'll give
ourselves new names. (Identities erased.)
The sun will heat the grounds, under our bare
feet in this brand new colony.

Everything will change, Ooo ooo...
Everything will change, Ooo ooo...
Everything will change, Ooo ooo...

-Tomorrow night, friends of my parents are coming to visit paris and stay at our apt. I'm supposed to show them around the city thursday, but I really dont have time to do that. So i might just show them the map and give them a few metro tickets. They're big people, they'll be alright.

-This thursday night, we're taking the train to Rennes. Friday we'll go to the wedding of Baptiste and Marie in St. Malo, about an hour from Rennes. A french wedding.. I'll have to take a note book for jotting down observes..

-i'll write you a song and i hope that you won't mind
because all the names and places i have taken from real life
so please don't be upset at this portrait that i paint
it may be a little biased, but at least i spelt your name right...

-I'm gonna go take a shower.
-and blow my nose..be back soonish.
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